Planetary Law supersedes all.

One of the foundations of Planetary Law is Order, which balances on a hair-thin platform above Chaos. Imagine this world as a raft over tumultuous seas, filled with every person and creature that exists. Anything that slightly upsets the raft’s equilibrium allows water to spill over the edges and onto the people inside. To stay afloat when one end begins to sink, the other end of the raft must be corrected by adding more weight, or by removing weight from the sinking end. Its balance is so fragile that even the smallest change requires redistribution of everyone aboard. Similarly, every change made on this planet — regardless of how small — comes with a price. The birth of a child in a developed country causes the death of a child in an impoverished country, whose food and resources were sold to feed the children of the developed country. The fault is not on either child; every human who didn’t rise to their defense shares the burden of blame. The human is plagued by imbalances causing it to be selfish and violent for imaginary reasons that mean nothing to the survival of its species. The modern human has lost much of its sense of collective, alienating the individual from the flock. Many humans strive for their own success instead of the preservation of their species. Instead of focussing on their place in an ongoing evolution, they focus on temporary concerns and pleasures. Selfishness causes distrust, and distrust causes one human to provoke the suffering of another simply based on differences in belief, gender, skin color, or societal class.

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No other creature declares war on itself.