power and purpose ofilluminati symbols

Due to the efforts of loyal members worldwide, a person can now find the Illuminati’s symbols displayed publicly within 50 miles of any part of the civilized world.

However, as our symbols become more widespread, many citizens have faced confusion over their purpose. Some even question our motives: are these symbols merely for our own glorification? Are they a method of claiming ownership of this planet? Do our symbols attract evil powers? All of these rumors are untrue. The Illuminati’s symbols serve many purposes. Each symbol carries a meaning, and is often made of many unique parts with individual significances. The pieces work together to form a visual tool that aids citizens in their understanding of the greater truths of this planet. As a sign of loyalty, many choose to display our symbol by wearing the Illuminati Talisman or showing the Banner Of Light in their home or office. Due to our longstanding support of the arts, some creators voluntarily implement our imagery into their artwork. Versions of our symbols have been seen countless times in music videos, television broadcasts, films, and other creations. Many citizens have reported powerful changes in their lives while wearing or displaying the Illuminati’s symbol. But as the unifying age of Illuminatiam approaches, our symbols carry an even higher purpose. Throughout this planet, there are seekers just like you – others who have opened their eyes to the truth and found evidence of a greater purpose in their lives. For the thousands who wear it, the Illuminati Talisman identifies companions and allies in their journey: those who have seen the Light and have chosen to follow its glow. To the seekers, our symbols are a guidepost. They serve as gentle instructions to those who look up from the rocks of the Earth and choose to follow the Light, pointing them toward the path that you have already discovered.

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